Everything You Know about Education Society and Its Purposes

You must agree that education is very important to help everybody achieve success, even though education is not the only thing that determines that success. Intelligence without building a nice character will produce a certificate only, but not a competitive generation.

The basic problem of education is the blurred purpose of education. This causes the content and methods of education to be sometimes inappropriate due to unclear educational objectives. Education society has a purpose that is useful in determining which direction a student goes.

The Definition of Education and Its Function

Education is a part of the efforts that people do to get more knowledge and information, either formal and informal institutions. To achieve this, appropriate educational goals are needed. The aim of education will determine success and build the human character.

Education is a noble thing because, in essence, we will continue to learn from the time we are born until the end of our lives. Learning is a way that we as humans can become better individuals from day today.

The Purposes of Education

Education is something that has existed since a long time ago. According to the history of the Greeks, the goal of education is peace. In other words, the purpose of education was to create peace in life. Education purposes are a set of educational outcomes achieved by students after educational activities have been held.

Several figures have their definitions for educational purposes. Some of the purposes of education for society are:

Education has a purpose to educate kids or students to be somebody with a perfect life, which a harmonious life with society and nature.

Education has a purpose is to form students to become more active and creative.

Education has a purpose to form students or kinds to be good society members which is somebody that has practical skills or somebody who can solve problems in society.

Meanwhile, Langeveld has his own explanation related to the purposes of education society, such as:

  1. General Education

Education has a purpose to achieve spiritual and physical maturity of kids. Physical growth has a meaning as the education objective whether students can achieve the maximum physical growth limit Meanwhile, spiritual maturity in educational purposes means the ability of a kid to assist himself when getting some issues and can take responsibility for all the actions.

  1. Special Education

Specific education has a purpose to achieve specifically based on age, gender, nature, talent, intelligence, socio-cultural environment, and so on.

  1. Temporary Education

Sometimes education has a purpose that we cannot achieve with only one step. Temporary educational goals can be understood as a process taken to achieve the main educational goals level by level. The goals of education at each level are understood as temporary educational goals.

  1. Intermediary Education

Intermediary education has a purpose that function as intermediaries for the main educational goals. For example, parents accustom their children to wash their dishes after eating. This habit is instilled as an educational goal so that children have a sense of responsibility.

  1. Incidental Education

Incidental education has a purpose to achieve at certain times with an instantaneous and spontaneous nature. For example, a parent admonishes his kid not to injure an animal when the child is about to pick up a stone to throw the dog in front of him.

Finally, those are several definitions and purposes of education society. Well, education is very important for life so that everybody will get knowledge and can be creative.